500kg/day melt Capability burner

at acinerator with 300 kg/ hour by double filter wet as well as dry.Pet Cadaver Incinerator upto 80 kg, gasoline operated is prefered. Pet waste burner together with ability regarding 40Kgs. We will use this item to melt down the pet corpses in normal method (not ailing aninal). Can you please forward me quote for burner that appropriates for service Town with a people of 200,000 individuals comprising additional overall community waste to lose. Technical requirements information sheet
Checklist and expenses of All of the spares called for in 10 years

two incinerations one with 500kg/day burn capacity another one with 1000kg/day melt capacity

1 x Electrode

1 x Fuel Filter

1 x Photocell

1 x Versatile pipeline

1 x Nozzle

1 x Control Box


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