a pet cremator

Diesel Oil

220/380 Volt A/c 50 Hz.

Feed Setting
Feeding Ability
Incinerator Kind
Burning Capacity
50 Kg. / Hour


an animal cremator for our organization in malaysia.currently we are doing particular personal cremation in addition to mass cremation for animals along with clinical waste.a burner which can shedding between 3 to 5 tonnes daily of blended waste items, plastics, and rubber, and combustible putrescible waste, clinical waste, rubber tyres, newspaper in addition to cardboard, textiles, eco-friendly wood waste etc.. As some of the waste products will include non-flammable solids, the burner ought to be capable of removing those substances possibly employing a rotating kiln process.

It is not meant to use any type of gas, like gas or oil, to advertise the burning of their waste, since the waste products are needed to be incinerated using a free burning process. Warm air nevertheless from a downstream process will be provided to enhance the burner temperature amount and burning speed as needed. Very heats in the incineration are not needed and are not called for.

The burning of the waste products is forecast to create hazardous discharges which can be washed up by way of other present downstream procedures and also an Article Burning process in the burner is as a result not required.

The burner has to be capable of suiting an automatic waste feed process.Incinerator Prerequisites

S. No.
Premium Quality European CE Qualified Oil Burner

Non Corrosive/ Rust Resistant Ideally Stainless for longer Life (Height 5-7 Meter)

200 ~ ~ 300 Litre

100 Kg.

Standard PLC Control Panel


Oil Tank Capability
200 ~ ~ 300 Litre

Burning Chamber
Fire Brick, Refractoy Block, Concrete


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