* A switch circuit breaker for every engine (ventilators in addition to heaters).
9. The incineration has to be wholly devoid of noticeable smoke in addition to offensive scents.
Nature: Magnesium silicate.
The Temperature levels of combustion: Minimum will surely be 850oC and also maximum 1400oC.
* Frontage of packing with door seals climbed on hinges, wheel of screw plug, flexible joint, in addition to packing insulating out of refractory.
* A heater of combustion of gases.
Refractory concrete:.
12. The Volume of the burning chamber: 1.200 L.
Shield in panels that are primitive:

25. The technical training of motorists will surely need to be supplied and given by a service technician in the production facility; it will surely include medicinal and also preventative care, and also making use of maker, etc

NB.: Civil tasks and also any sort of other related services for the installation along with training of operators must be included from the burner s cost.

18. A chamber of article burning of gases.
* A regulatory authority with watch to your temperature degree of burning.
23. Ability to treat Plastic: Not much less than 40% by weight.
17. A combustion chamber of waste.
* Heater with gasoline, mono-bloc casting helping kind with directly fire, lights and security of digital ignition, long-term venting, electro-magnetic sluice entry of regulation and isolating shutoff.
* Completely tight doorway for the hands on loading of waste. The loading must be Handbook, Set.
Nature: Magnesium.
10. The lower calorific power (L.C.P) of this waste will definitely be 3,500 kcal/kg.
. Density: 100 mm
* A second shot of air to make sure best oxygen substance.
3. This burner has to be able to destruct all flammable wastes created by hospitals, private centers, labs , institutes, etc..
* Burner of illumination of waste, with gas, conventional mono-bloc casting resulting in diving fire, lighting and security and safety of digital ignition, long-term air flow, electro-magnetic sluice entry of principle along with isolating valve.
* The insulating material of the combustion chamber should be made up of refractory blocks, having a high substance of aluminium in addition to protects bricks in order to assure a minimal temperature on.
7. It needs to be able to reduce the volume of wastes by 98%.
5. PYROLYTIC combustion, by controlling the gasification of waste.
4. Layout Spec: Kinds A, B, C, vitamin D, and also E of medical waste.
Unneeded retreat of contamination

21. Fan:.
* Carcass in strong sheet steel with support of connection.
Refractory concrete:
* A timer using adjustable temporization for the guideline of each burner.
* An instrument of injection of atmosphere allowing a total recombustion of gases.
11. The Internal diameter of this Smokeshaft: Ø 400 along with its height: 8 m.
* Electro-ventilator dispersing the next atmosphere, the policy of this air flow being executed by valves in addition to after the control of the automated cycle.
Nature: 65% of Al203.
24. CE Production Compliance: BS EN 746-2-1997

23. The supplier should give batches of extra components of very first urgency in addition to consumable of the incineration.
* Electric box.


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