About Hiclover Medical Enviromental

HICLOVER, Nanjing Clover Medical Innovation Co., Ltd, supply system selections for medical ecological management, animal and also family pet cremation engineering, additional urban powerful waste incineration task.
HICLOVER is growing brand for environmental protection area, and market reveal nearly all of Africa, Middle East, Southeast Asia nations as well as component of North America, Europe region. We a re relied on companion for governmental organizations, charitable organizations, international contractors, logistics organizations, army, pet cremation entrepreneur, etc.. We have export experience greater than 40 nations, including war zone such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, South Sudan.

We’re china incineration manufacturer, specialist and retailer. Manufacturers create reasonable rate for incineration client, supply medical burner, gym incineration, animal burners, hog burners, family pet cremation tools, small incineration, family pet incineration, animal burner, mobile incineration, miniature animal burner, transmittable waste pyrolysis machine, research lab incineration. HICLOVER help client minimize acquisition spending program, custom made feature, quality items and also agreeable solution.

The family pet cremation equipment humanized design with movable platform, small area covers for modern day pet dog cremation local business owner all over the world.
The containerized mobile incineration mounted in ISO container before depart manufacturing center, pre-installation, no incineration home grow building and construction, movable by truck and also ultraviolet light sanitation inside.
We offer single combustion chamber, double burning chambers, 3 burning chambers and multi-combustion chambers waste incinerations for lab, center, gym, medical center, cleanliness medical waste devastation with medical non invasive, biological waste, medical plastic waste, hazardous waste, red bag waste, needle disposal, gauze as well as bandages, sealed sharp containers, pathological waste, trace-chemotherapeutic wastes, etc

The burner drop waste in primary burning space and burn off the smoke from crucial combustion room once more to ensure environmentally friendly with no black smoke, smelless, reduced pathogenic microorganisms infection.


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