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Medical waste is posing a growing problem all over the world, jeopardizing the health of staff, patients, disposal workers and anyone else coming into contact with the often hazardous materials discarded by hospitals and other healthcare sites. Hospital waste varies from site to site and the biggest challenge is to dispose of this wide range of waste streams. Incineration is still the preferred way to process medical waste without endangering the heath patients, staff or anyone else coming into contact with them. Clinical waste is costing more and more to dispose of safely. Health Clinics and Health center can now handle their own waste streams using one of our specialist medical incinerations. Destroying hazardous waste at source is by far the most effective and efficient way of handling waste that could potentially spread diseases or viruses.

Standard 20% -25% of the complete waste generated by healthcare facilities is associated with as poisonous and might create a choice of health in addition to environmental dangers if not handled and damaged in an suitable way. Together with years worth of experience within this industry, our clinical array of burners are made to provide for the economical needs of small facilities into the tougher and also specialized requirements of large medical facilities in their waste observation processes.
HICLOVER is now offering a full range of medical waste incinerations, designed to provide efficient waste destruction, utilizing best available technologies and environmentally friendly process. Due to the secondary chamber with its 2 second retention period, our medical incineration range is well suited to process medical waste.

Our products ensure reliable, tidy in addition to easy disposal of medical waste is potential. The incineration of clinical waste such as pathological waste ( red bag waste), Biohazards & & Sharps, General Medical Waste, from Hospitals, Study Center, Drug Companies, Drug Produces, Main Treatment Trusts, Aesthetic Surgical Procedure Centers, Nursing Residences, Care Homes and other Medical Waste.

○ Middle-Small Ability ( TS Model) ※ Essential Qualities:— — Dual Burning Chamber— — Dual Italy Heater–– Burning Rate: 10-100kgs per hour–– Burning Chamber: 0.1M3-1.2 M3 ※ Optional Function/Parts/Material/ Burning Price: — — Stainless Steel Chimney — — Dry Smoke Filter Chamber— — Chimney Elevation Customized Made— — Upgrade/Downgrade Burning Rate

○Large-Middle Capacity(YD Model)
※Main Feature:
–Three Combustion Chambers
— Double Italy Burner
–Burning Rate: 30-600kgs per hour
–Combustion Chamber: 0.36M3-5.5M3
※Optional Function/Parts/Material/Burning Rate: 
— Stainless Steel Chimney 
— Dry Smoke Filter Chamber
— Chimney Height Custom Made
— Semi-Automatic Waste Feeding
— 3-Section Wet Scrubber System
— Movable Platform Feeding Door
— Additional Burner
— Upgrade/Downgrade Burning Rate

● Service earlier and also after Setup — — Manufacturing facility prep for installation, operational and also upkeep with totally free cost. — — Online solution support for installation, operational in addition to upkeep with complimentary cost. — — Onsite setup, operational and maintenance instruction — Onsite solution help after setup

● Spare components supportHICLOVER currently uses extra parts such as: — Burners( diesel oil, LPG or gasoline ) — Element for burners — Fire ropes — Burner chamber maintenance substances — Air Fan — Temperature level facet — Smoke filter block — Control box — Other components

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