Incinerator model A.

Maximum combustion.
Item 14 10m Hose pipe Pipe, suggest span.
Power Supply for Control Box 220V-240V, only stage 50-60Hz.
Secondary Chamber.
Thing 9 Incinerator design C.
Thing 6 10m Hose pipe Pipe, signify dimensions.
A visible or distinct alarm system to notify the motorist once the secondary temperature falls to listed below the required temperature;

Fuel Diesel/LPG/LNG, please suggest.
The minimum exit rate of the emissions shall not be under 10 metres/second;

Temperature Level Warnings.
Added chimney expansion, suggest height.
Product 8 Added chimney expansion, indicate altitude.
3. Each incineration really needs adequate labelling for parts/areas of top work health and safety threat on the incineration.
Gas Retention Time two Secs.
& & Rural Topics, or European Union regulations and regulations.

Item 17 Mobile Incinerator version E.
Thing 5 Incinerator design B.
Burn Rate 100kg/h minimum.
Control box could be removed and mounted on separate stand at the very least 1.5 meters from incineration at around 1.6 meter altitude;

Great Deal 2.

Weight (kg), please suggest:.
Gas Retention Time – – 2 Seconds. Fuel – Diesel/LPG/LNG, please indicate. Power Supply for – Control Box – 220V-240V 50Hz single stage. Minimum running temperature 850 ° C, please suggest. 1 year Spare Parts Plan for complete maintainability.
The gas temperature degree as measured versus the within wall surface at the second chamber, not in the flame area, shall not be much less than as shown in Lots 1-7;.
Secondary Chamber.
Product 20 Additional chimney growth, indicate height.
Service guarantee, reveal no of decades.
I000 Litre Gas Container + Pipe System, reveal amount.
Great deal 3.
Product 21 Mobile Incinerator design F.
Thing 11 I000 Litre Gas Container + Pipe System, signify quantity.
Gas Retention Time two Secs.
1 year Spare Components Bundle for total maintainability.
Weight (kg), please show:.
Guarantee, reveal no of decades.
Item 15 1000 Litre Fuel Tank + Pipe System, reveal amount.
Product 16 Added smokeshaft growth, reveal height.
Gas Retention Time – – 2 Seconds. Diesel/LPG/LNG, please indicate. Power Supply for Control Box- 220V-240V 50Hz solitary stage.
Minimum running temperature 920 ° C, please suggest.
Great deal 4– Heat Waste Burner.
Item 19 1000 Litre Gas Storage Tank + Pipe System, reveal quantity.
Burn Rate 250kg/h minimum.
Secondary Chamber.
1000 Litre Fuel Storage Tank + Pipeline System, suggest volume


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