an animal cremator


Prices Top Quality European CE Qualified Oil Heater

Diesel Oil

Fire Block, Refractoy Block, Concrete

Burner Kind

Feed Setup
Requirement PLC Control Panel

Burning Chamber


a pet cremator for our company in malaysia.currently we’re doing specific personal cremation along with mass cremation for animals in addition to professional waste.a burner which can shedding in between 3 to 5 tonnes every day of mixed waste things, plastics, rubber, and combustible putrescible waste, medical waste, rubber tires, paper as well as cardboard, fabrics, green wood waste etc.. As some of those waste products will certainly consist of pre-assembled solids, the heater ought to be effective at removing those materials possibly making use of a revolving kiln treatment.

it’s not intended to make use of any form of type of gas, such as gas or oil, to promote the burning of the waste, as the waste things are essential to be blazed making use of a cost-free burning treatment. Warm air nevertheless out of a downstream treatment will certainly be provided to enhance the heater temperature level as well as burning rate as needed. Really warms from the incineration aren’t needed and also are not required.

The burning of the waste items is expected to create hazardous releases that will definitely be cleaned up by means of other existing downstream treatments in addition to a Short article Burning process in the heater is consequently not required.

The burner must also fitting an automatic waste feed process.Incinerator Requires

S. No.
Feeding Ability
Oil Tank Ability
Burning Ability

Smokeshaft Product
Dual Burning Chamber with Integrated In Smoke Filter (Dry Scrubber)

Power Supply
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100 Kg.

50 Kg. / Hour

3|Power Supply


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