Animal cremation gear rates



these requirements must be considered as an integral part of the technical specifications for every equipment



The system provided shall be made to function normally under the requirements of different regions in Kenya. All these

conditions may include but not restricted to electricity supply, temperature, humidity, and other climatic conditions.


A guarantee for a minimum of 12 months has to be supplied.


All text, parameters etc. on all control operating interfaces in addition to on information displays and on print-outs

will likely be written in English. The Bidder shall

provide all the essential documentation in order to facilitate the legal requirements for the installation and appropriate

operation of the equipment.


Period of Execution is 180 days from contract date covering delivery to the site and completion of verification

operations required for the issuance of provisional acceptance.


Agents of PATH as well as the Ministry of Medical Services (MOMS), together with the Bidder or Bidder’s

representative, will carry out the controls, analyzing and first approval for provisional and final approval. The

provisional and final approval shall take place at the final destination(s).


After-Sales Service: The Bidder is required to make sure a maintenance, service and repair center, which can be

approved by the Manufacturer, and that can rapidly supply genuine spare components and consumables advocated by

that the Manufacturer is available throughout the guarantee period. In spite of the requirement with their supply,

Entertainment must submit a statement signed by the Manufacturer or an approved


representative of this Manufacturer:

oproviding the title and address of its authorized care, service and repair center,


oConfirming this approved maintenance, service and repair centre can rapidly supply genuine spare parts

and the consumables advocated by the Manufacturer. The treatment plant has to

arrive . The Bidder shall make sure that all areas of the plant transported by sea will not be sent as”

deck freight ”

arrive pre-assembled. The Bidder shall ensure that all parts of the plant transported by sea shall not be shipped as “

deck cargo.”


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