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  • Pre-programmed PLC controlled
  • Password activated and reversal history indication
  • Motor starter with overload protection
  • Automatic instantaneous stop on hard object in shredder bed
  • Automatic heavy cutting load reversal and re-try , up to three times
  • Control housing Nema type 12

Technical Characteristics of External SHREDDER Controls:


  • Chamber Dimensions(WxLxH): approx 33 c m x 38 cm x 25cm
  • Number of knives: Approx 18 or to suit customer needs
  • Knife Thickness: Approx 18mm or to suit customer needs
  • Knife Diameter: Approx 16cm or to suit customer needs
  • Tecth per Knife : minimum 3
  • Number of Shafts: 2 ie double shaft shredder

Cutting Hardwires:


  • Must be motor driven
  • Motor Horsepower : approx, 10 HP
  • Motor RPM: minimum 1750
  • Speed Reduction: 60:1
  • Generated Torque; min 40 Nm or 350 lbs/in
  • Gearbox: should be parallel shaft
  • Shock protection: Rubber mount torque arm
  • Power : 220vac, 1ph or 400 VAC, 3 ph or suit customer needs

Drive of This shredder:


  • Sherdder stand, fabricated from 3” sq. steel tube, standard height 30 inches
  • Shredder hopper , fabricated form 16 gauge steel, with optional switched hopper lid.

Ancillaries to be Contained:


(E) Features & Technical Specification of Conveyer:

To Take processed waste from Boat to shredder


  • Motor starter overload protection
  • Control housing Nema Type 12
  • Safety pull stops along both sides of conveyor



  • Conveyor stand , fabricated from 2” sq. steel tube
  • Raised sidewalls fabricated form 16 gauge steel



  • Over-all length: between 20-25 feet or appropriate length depending on the installation requirement.
  • Over-all width: between 24-30 inch
  • over-all (without including stand) : between 12-14 inch
  • Available inclines: 0-40 degrees



  • Belt Speed: 75 fi/min
  • Dam spacing; approx, 16 inch



  • Motor driven
  • Horsepower: Approx .075
  • Motor RPM: approx.60
  • Electrical power input: 220 vac. 1ph or 400 VAC, 3 ph or to suit customer needs.



  • It is to be designed to allow for easy bin positioning under the door to unload processed waste and easy

(F) Technical Specification of tipper Attributes:

  • Equipment with 2 bins to accommodate processed waste loads to be loaded into the shredder and shredded waste to be

inaneuverapility for lifting and tipping the waste to the shredder hopper.

  • Frame: Rugged heavy duty frame constructed of formed and welded steel formed and welded steel for extra strength.
  • Mast: Fabricated with channel steel for greater strength and dependability. Open structure design complete with

transported to the disposal bin.

  • Lifting Chains: Must be dual lifting chain of roller style & must meet safety factor at least 6:1
  • Hydraulic system: durable cylinder with a chrome plated ram and a relief valve for overload protection
  • Forks: Heavy duty approx 4.0” wide x 42” long fixed forks.
  • Platform; solid steel
  • Battery: A heavy duty 12 volt, 125 amps/hour industrial strength battery.
  • Overload protection plugs into any 220 VAC outlet.
  • Steering: A pallet truck style steer handle for steering and approx. 4” phenolic wheels with roller bearings located

safety cage to offer increased visibility

  • Brake: A hand controlled floor lock brake that secures the unit in place.

from the straddle legs.


  • Load capacity; Approx 1500 lbs
  • load centre: Approx 24 inch
  • Raised fork height: to suit customer needs
  • Overall must height: to suit customer needs
  • Lowered height: minimum 4.0 inch
  • Fixed fork width: approx 7 inch
  • Fork length : approx 42 inch
  • Platform of approx.25”x25”
  • overall width approx 25 inch
  • castors: approx 5 inch phenolic
  • Front wheel : approx 4 inch phenolic


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