Animal crematorium gear

I also research their merchandise information and discover it don’t require gas and also not require fan

mill but that incineration can just burn waste with 30%-40% humid. I see if your merchandise may burn waste with 30%-40%

humid without fan blower and much more 40% humid require enthusiast (Optional solution) which lead us to kick them out.

I don’t have yet precise information on the project chances. I’ve met with the Environment Minister in

Algeria, among others, and they’re presently in the process of preparing bidding documents for different installations for

waste incineration for several Cities in Algeria. I’ve indicated to the Minister and his subordinates which I’ll

identify key partners interested to bidding on those upcoming calls for tenders. The Minister will send me preliminary

files for those upcoming bids so I can comment them and make necessary recommendations to maximize bid

outcomes. We are talking here of large projects requiring a capacity of 1 000 tons per day and above of wastes as well as the

generation of electricity.


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