blaze biohazard waste

a burner that can melting in between 3 to 5 tonnes per day of mixed waste items, plastics, rubber, combustible putrescible waste, clinical waste, rubber tires, newspaper and also cardboard, textiles, ecofriendly hardwood waste etc..

It is not suggested to utilize any kind of gas, like petroleum or diesel, to market the burning of the waste, as the waste things are called to be blazed making usage of a completely free burning procedure.

The burner have to be qualified of fitting an automatic waste feed process.We are looking for incinerate to incinerate biohazard waste of our microbiology lab.

The burner should be capable of fitting an automated waste feed process.We are seeking incineration into incinerate biohazard waste of our microbiology lab. Our day-to-day waste creation is upto 20 Kg maximum and incineration will surely be known for on routine basis that is 1 or 2 times each week so you are consequently asked for to suggest the acceptable incineration for our lab that will be affordable for us concerning investing in as well as upkeep cost.


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