▪ The representative shall execute a two days operation & & & & maintenance. Training into the Biomedical engineering team members together with heater.
· Ordinary ingestion: at least 3 litres/hour.
2.10 Ignition Burners.
Trainers and additionally establishing heater.

Care control recommendation.
▪ High capacity second combustion chamber with house time.
Burner electrically ran
2.6 Chamber.
3 Papers:.
▪ The crucial combustion chamber is the important framework of this.
▪ Give training equipment to lift, put up as well as likewise position smokeshaft, together with.
Entrained in the flue gas flow.
Consumables and also certified and also experienced technical personnel.
Considerable steel help framework.
▪ Refractory lined flanged smokeshaft need to over the elevation of.
· Heater: set up on/off procedure.
▪ BS3316.
Send a declaration authorized by the producer or agent.
Installation in addition to likewise putting into use the tools.

▪ Duration of application is 90 days from agreement trademark for
The entire system will surely be taken into account. It’ll Be the responsibility
I. Waste type Healthcare waste.
Secs to make sure that the device’s dependable damage of the combustion
· Optimum rating: a minimum of 450kW/hour.
Paperwork in order to assist with the authorized demands for the
Well as on information screens along with on print-outs will surely remain in
▪ Maximum running period 12 individuals resources.
▪ Handbook Loading door (sturdy steel door with suitable.
Procedure handbook 2 ranges.
▪ The agent/supplier will have sufficient facilities, spare components,.
2.13 Diesel Storage tank.
It needs to be made to maintain the exhaust gases, for at Least two {
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2 Devices.
▪ Provide elevating gears as forklift, gantry, rollers, along with training.
▪ Need to be manufactured from refractory lined light steel or large.
Adhering to connected specifications

For the Give, setup & & & & appointing of a Professional Waste Burner as comprehensive listed here.
▪ Attach heaters into fuel supply.
Reduced area of chamber walls.
Top-notch stainless steel. The chimney/stack ought to have a.
Calcium silicate insulation and likewise a hot face mixture of quite.
2.3 Ash.
1200 ° C. Both chambers have to be shielded with refractory.
Rolled steel places. It is brought in the floor level on a.
▪ All message, spec etc. on all control running user interfaces as
iii. Waste Calorific Value 4000 KCAL/Kg.
A cover;
Of the Bidder to give a complete system, consisting of eventually
Clinical center and additionally the Obtaining Authority. The treatment plant has to.
the professional.
Branches to help in the work out.
▪ Temperature level indication main and additionally additional chambers 0.
Lodging for the participating in support technicians.

Typical intake: in minimum 4.5 litres/hour.
▪ The maintenance agreement cost includes work, transport and .
In addition to size. Consist of many other going as well as gadgets and.
7 Commissioning Maintenance Agreement.
chamber. Approximate dimensions 800 millimeter dimensions x 2100mm.
The Bidder will provide a time .
▪ Anticipated daily operating duration 8 hrs.
The Manufacturer, in addition to that has the ability to quickly offer you real.
▪ The main burning chamber need to guarantee minimum separation.
A wind generator enabling supply air.
Fragment collection agency ought to be integrated after 2nd.
Upkeep, solution as well as repair centre,.
Filters ), the Quarterly regular maintenance cost per quarter.
Freight ”.
Delivery to site together with completion of confirmation procedures
Offer sustains slings as essential. Enable cutting of shrub.
Operators after configuration & & & & appointing of those apparatus.
fashion. It Must utilize a temperature based justification control system
▪ The smokeshaft will probably be painted with accepted heat immune.
▪ Prior to the expiry of this service warranty / signing off, the distributor shall.
Of the producer:.
Any kind of kind of current roof adjoining to the incineration.
To make it feasible for free-flow of gas from the tank into the incineration.
▪ To provide diesel services storage tank (Capability 400 litres).
▪ Control panel– – automatic operation.
The connecting pipe needs to be a shameful pipeline of scale.
5 Capability to support apparatus.
▪ 3 point 415 V a.c., 50/60 Hz.
Incorporate a high ability thermal oxidizing extra chamber.
▪ Thickness 25mm.
2.8 Insulation.
As well as additionally last consent. The provisionary and final approval shall
ii. Waste thickness 125 into 350Kg/M3.
Paint after arrangement.
2.9 Smokeshaft/ Lot.
▪ For the technological exam, not the treatment plant
Appear pre-assembled. The feasible customer shall ensure that all parts of.
▪ The Potential customer needs to provide a guarantee for a year.
Needed for its issuance of all provisionary approval.
Service supplier for the waste managing frame / property and also will.
· Optimum use: a minimum of 6 litres/hour.
Heater, made from light steel plate and also tensed with.
ͦ Supplying the name along with speech of its qualified.
Is supplied throughout the one year alternative guarantee duration. In.
And also setup time have to be agreed between potential buyers, target.
Specifications with a capacity to thaw 100kgs/Hr.
▪ Representatives of this Obtaining Authority and additionally the
▪ The system provided will be established to run normally under
▪ The burner will be worked a three-phase power source
vi. Little capacity 100Kg/hour established loads.
Supply a 1 year choice option parts (e.g. oil filters, air.
100kg/hour in a little calorific worth of 4,000 kcal/kg in addition to a common bulk density of I20kg/ M3 for fundamental waste together with l60kg/ M3 for healthcare waste.
Recall: The next burning chamber have to make sure the gas temperature as exhibited versus the inside wall surface in the next chamber & & & & not in the flame place, isn’t less than 1100 ° C. 2.2 Throughput.
▪ Limiting constant service limitation 1000 ° C.

Waste Keeping Track Of Standard 2006, authorized notice No. 121 of
▪ Must be refractory lined into the sticking to requirement; Hearth also to.
Occur in the last site.
Service/maintenance guidebook two ranges.
▪ Super responsibility firebrick.
To provide ideal control of the operating problems and
Devices provided to the healthcare centers in the.
The consumables suggested from the Manufacturer; also.
Totally packaged oil type, total amount with electric ignition in addition to additionally flame failure controllers, wired with continuous running fan in addition to likewise complete with shutoffs, fan in addition to additionally electrical engine.
Minimum elevation of 10 meters over floor degree.
ͦ Verifying this established service, service and additionally.
▪ The capacity of this burner called for needs to be into the
Material (extremely commitment 100mm thick firebrick with 25mm thick.
Upkeep, solution and also addressing centre, which can be recognized by.{
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To buttocks medical waste in a fantastic along with eco effective
importation. The Potential buyer will offer each of the vital
English language.
Additional components and also consumables recommended by the Distributor.
Burning temperature: 1800 ° C.
A burning chamber with fireplace with a filter to conserve ashes;
Make available all required technical information, attracting, and so forth to.
The total structure in addition to creating duration. The delivery.
▪ Horizontal strong hearth, refractory lined essential burning.|Installation in addition to likewise putting into use the tools.


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