Burner distributor

“PYROLYTIC” burning, by handling the gasification of waste

The incineration manufacturer have to stay clear of the launching of black smoke together with excellent dirt, throughout the loadings.

It will certainly have the ability to lower the number of wastes by 98%.

It shall have the ability to hold discharge at the next shed with petrol home of less than 2 secs.

The incineration should be completely without clear smoke as well as offending scents.

1.0 the main ignition burner will supplying ignition of the waste to 850 ° C as well as need to switch off to preserve gas.

The very important burning chamber is going to be generated from hefty steel plate as well as the system is interior lined with a

total layer of hote face high as well as refractory performance insulation.

The Inside diameter of this Smokeshaft a minimum of:? 400 and also its elevation: 8 m