BURNER For incineration of Laboratory wastes products

Incinerators to be appropriate for the expert disposal of scientific & & medical waste/ garbage using a greater plenty capacity in the set of approximately 1000-1500 Kg. The rugged, self-contained incinerations will offer an efficient and exceptionally efficient, safe disposal in addition to to be made according to relevant global instructions, e.g. CE, EU, respectively. Type of Gas: Diesel or Petrol or Natural Gas. Temperature controlled,
effective burner to get optimal gas economy. Burner in the ideal invention and an approximate capacity of 2000 bunch/ year. Perhaps an incineration capability of 200 kg/ human resources in addition to a calorific value of 7500 kcal/ kg. Industrial and also domestical waste.INCINERATOR For incineration of Laboratory wastes materials

i.Smoke and odor free
ii.High Temperature, refractory cellular lining with excellent warmth retention
iii.Quick warm up time
iv.Must possess a second room v.Constant run follower
vi.Temperature tracking
vii.Thermostat Control

Technical Specifications
i.Capacity: approx. 0.20 m3
ii.Fuel intake: 5 litres/ hour Diesel Oil
iii.Min Operating Temp: 900 oC
iv.Max Operating Temp: 1350 oC
v.Residence Period: 2 sec
vi.Burning speed: 35kg/hr minimal

Typical accessories needed

Consumables and Spares
Provided with spares in Addition to consumables to achieve a minimum of 1000 examinations


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