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Combustion Chamber:  · Horizontal cylindrical design  · Inner surface carried out with first-rate refractory material, high temperature proof,  · Combustion chamber volume; 5,3 approximately.  · 1 No. loading door set on the frontal edge of the burning chamber, having a whole section  crossing, suitable to load the Hospital waste material and to unload the ashes.  · Burner capacity (under full power) 30-40 Kg/ Hour approximately  · Operating Temperature: 700-900 cXC or better  · Standard Color: Black  HICLOVER YD30(PLC) 30-50 kg/hour 60kg/feeding PLC Automatic 360L(0.36M3) 100x60x60cm 200L Yes Manual 220V 2P 0.5Kw Italy Brand   Mobile: +86-138139 31455(WhatsApp) Website:   Email:        Email:    
1. For clinic,lab, small hospital with low waste output capacity, no condition with other medical waste treatment(Underdeveloped country or area, or emergency situations ). 2. Doctor, nurse treat the syringes, needle, infusion set immediately after use, plug to play, no dispersion risk. 3. melting the syringes needle with 1250Celsius high temperature to metal slag, sterilization […]
Medical Waste Incinerator for Coronavirus Disease( COVID-19).    * Full variety incinerator with Standard Small-Large Scale incinerator, General Municipal Solid Waste Incinerator, Containerized Mobile Incinerator, High Efficient Environmental Waste Incinerator.  * Single combustion chamber, dual burning chambers, three burning chambers and also multi-combustion chambers waste incinerators.  * System services for clinical waste ecological.  * High […]
HICLOVER Top Feeding Door Waste Incinerators ▲▲▲Large Feeding Door ▲▲▲Better for Animal Waste Cremation ▲▲▲HICLOVER Brand Section ***Primary Combustion Chamber ***Secondary Combustion Chamber ***Smoke Filter Chamber ***Optional Wet Scrubber System(1 section or  3 sections) Phone: +86-13813931455(whatsapp/wechat)Website:  Email: sales@hiclover.comEmail:   Nanjing Clover Medical Technology Co.,Ltd. Items Side Loading Door Top Loading Door Cost Cheap High cost Manufacture Tech. Easy A litter difficult […]
Waste Incineration HICLOVER Model TS75  Items/Model TS75(PLC) Picture Principle Waste Incineration Burn Rate Average 75 kg/hour Feed Capacity Average 150kg Control Mode PLC(Programmable Logic Controller Incinerator) Combustion Chamber 770L Internal Dimensions 100x81x95cm Secondary Chamber 385L Smoke Filter Chamber Yes Feed Mode Manual Voltage 220V Power 0.7Kw Oil Consumption (kg/hour) Average 16.9 Gas Consumption (m3/hour) *** […]
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