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Model YD-100 Image Burning Rate 100-150 kgs/hour Key Combustion Chamber 2000 Liters Second Combustion Chamber 500 Liters Feed Setting Handbook Voltage 220V/380V Electricity 2.5 Kw Gas Kind Diesel Oil Heater Italy Original Oil Intake (Diesel Oil) Average 28 kg/hour Gas Utilization (Gas) *** Inner Dimensions 180x115x98 centimeters (Main chamber) External Dimensions 270x185x280cm (without chimney) Temperature […]
Items/Model TS300( PLC) Principle Waste Incineration Treatment Burn Price Standard 250 kg/hour Control Mode PLC( Programmable Logic Controller Incinerator) Combustion Chamber 2000L Interior Dimensions 170x120x100cm Secondly Chamber 1000L Smoke Filter Chamber Yes Feed Setting Handbook Voltage 220V Electricity 2.5 Kw Oil Intake (kg/hour) Average 28( DO) Gas Intake (m3/hour) *** Temperature Level Monitor Digital Display […]
Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic continues all over the world, clinics,hospitals,goverment may need to consider on-site disposal for the infectious  medical waste. The medical waste incinerations that has been effectively used to dispose of hazardous waste during  viral outbreaks like Ebola. HICLOVER.COM reaches temperatures of up to 1200oC and is able to destroy health care […]
HICLOVER – Containerized Mobile Incinerator Medical Waste Incinerator Model CA50 Model CA50 Image Waste Therapy Medical Waste Incineration Therapy Feed Capability Regular 100 kgs per feeding Burning Price Average 50 kgs Each hr Burning Time Each Feed Average 2 hr Control Mode PLC( Programmable Reasoning Controller Incinerator) Voltage 220V Electricity 1.0 Kw Gas Diesel oil Heater […]
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