cytotoxic waste

Our passion is for disposing primarily cytotoxic waste, especially out of date or out of specs cytotoxic drugs. Various other wastes for that we wish to get rid of in addition to the cytotoxic waste incorporates outdated or out of specs psychotropic pharmaceuticals (but not always narcotics), sharps (needles) etc.

It is additionally really essential for us to understand if the device is qualified to deal with cytotoxic waste as well as the characteristics in addition to disposal of treatment deposits. What’s more, operational demands in regards to energy and also gas intake, along with particularly the off-gas treatment system employed, birth considerable price, as meeting the needs of Guideline 2010/75/EC is normally necessary.

The quantity of disposal is roughly 100 kg per day as minimum. Larger skills approximately 500-600 kg/d are likewise of terrific interest to us. Therefore, please send us your proposition for the two aforementioned day-to-day skills.


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