domestic incinerator

Documents to be filed as after;

  • Fabricators accreditations
  • Test report to prove ZERO harmful emission level provided as samples form other installations
  • Test report to prove sterility achieved at 6log to 10 level to be provided upon commissioning report and validation.


Technical proposition include:

  • The hospital should provide the necessary space: building & infrastructure, sufficient power steam supply and

link up to room water & sewage line to the room

  • Room preparation: preparation, Renovation & Modification of the room is suppliers responsibility
  • The supplier should submit the necessary drawing showing space requirements ( room size (LxWxH) dimensions of

processors & ancillary equipment

  • Supplier must give the proposal of the total power requirement of the whole unit and on which the hospital will

guarantee the power supply. However connections inside the area is providers responsibility

  • The connection/fittings form the processor and ancillary equipment to water and sewage line is suppliers


  • A detailed training proposal including the duration of staff training on how to operate and maintain the processor
  • A detailed maintenance schedule.
  • List of spare parts and accessories required for maintenance of the system


Warranty & After Sales Services:

  • Warranty period will be minimum 03 years or as offered by the manufacturer which comes later.
  • Warranty period will be counted from the date of handing over of machine over of machine to the user in functioning

condition i.e date of commission.

  • In warranty period supplier have to provided all maintenance & repair services.
  • Breach time will not be counted in warranty period.
  • At least 10 years back up service (including warranty period) has to be ensured by the supplier.
  • The repair/maintenance work should be carried out within 72 hours after getting request for such from the user.


Quality standard: CE/FDA certification of the offered item has to be filed with the deal.

  • For verification of the certificate bidder must submit the following :
  1. i) Mailing address of the issuer of the certificate.
  2. ii) Website, Email address & Fax & Telephone Number of the issuer.
  • The bid will be non-responsive if:
  1. i) The certificate issuer can not be reached
  2. ii) The issuer fails to authentic the certificate within the bid validity

iii)   The issuer confirms that the submitted certification is faulty concerning authenticity or validity.