Dual chamber burner

2. In regards to the amount of dropping the waste, possibly 200 – – – – 500 kg per individual resources.

3. Our Operational time could be in Day along with can be through the evening.

4. Can you please provide me the cost of apparatus operated with Diesel as well as Gas.The primary burning chamber is the significant structure of this heater, produced from mild steel plate as well as tensed with rolled steel areas. It’s brought from the flooring level on a substantial steel support frame. Internally the covering is lined with calcium silicate insulation and also a hot face mixture of incredibly duty brickwork or higher strength castable.
Moisture Web content: 10-25%.
e????? Refractory lined flanged smokeshaft to an altitude of 10M over ground degree

Restricting Constant solution restriction 1000 degrees C.
Additional Chamber: two Secs @ 850degrees C
The most important burning chamber should make certain very little separation fever level is little less than 850 degrees C.

·???????? High capability added burning chamber with residence time very little less than two secs @ >> 850 ° C. ·???????? 1 off diesel-fired afterburner– – fever managed.

Density 25mm

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. 1 Hands-on Lots Incinerator consisting of:.


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