Ebola virus in Liberia

The Ebola virus-infected patients were burned in what was once a cattle slaughterhouse. Here the femur, hip and even skulls still unburnt sprawling creating a horrific scene.

Ian Birrel – reporter Dailymail, the UK has witnessed the grisly scene inside a crematorium identify patients infected with Ebola virus in Liberia. “When I walked into the place of cremation, surrounded by a wall outside Monrovia, I saw a pile of smoldering ash and smoke rising from it. I look closely, are scattered in the flickering flames which the bones, the femur and the hip joint, including even the skull. Here are the rest of the bodies of 15 victims of Ebola virus infection, “Ian said.

With Ian Birrel, the above is just one of the many horrific scenes that he faced in the Ebola outbreak in the West African country.
In the footsteps of the family have been infected with Ebola relatives, in Monrovia, reporters saw Ian Birrel extremely tragic circumstances of the victim. On the street, dead bodies because Ebola is still wandering. In the medical center, patients crowded. Beds are not enough to provide for the patient. In fact, for many people, the bed had before that patient mortality, were considered a “death cage”, making them fear that refusal bed.

Daniel James, a volunteer Red Cross in Kailahun, Sierra Leone told horror stories to bring back the dead, it emits cries a bit of a wheeze. Even the seasoned staff of the World Health Organization (WHO) also could not have imagined a corpse lying exposed for 3 days to produce such sounds. On an average day, they must be buried 6 dead bodies for Ebola infection.

By this time, the World Health Organization (WHO) has announced the number of deaths due to Ebola virus has risen to 3,000, but according to sources, this figure is only 1/3 the actual numbers. WHO also warned that, within the next 6 weeks, 17,000 people at risk of infection and death. The worst forecast also said 1.4 million people, especially in countries such as Liberia and Sierra Leone are at risk of infection.


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