garden incinerator

  1. c) All manuals must be in English language.


9)  Each of the equipment provided must be given with user and technical manuals. Instructions on their usage,

storage and service must be clearly indicated in the manuals and where required, on the gear.


10)Where applicable the following will apply:

  1. a) Electrical Safety
  2. i) The unit should be provided with a line (power) cord of acceptable durability, quality, length, and ampacity

and needs to be secured with sufficient strain reliefs.

  1. ii) The unit should include, or the bidder or supplier should offer, power plugs that are sufficient for the maximum

voltage and current of the device.

iii) The chassis ought to be grounded and grounding resistance shouldn’t exceed 0.15 ohm.

  1. iv) If the unit is double insulated, it should be so labeled.
  2. v) Electrical leakage current from the chassis of the unit should not exceed

500μA per IEC 601-1 b)  Outcomes of Fluids