Healthcare risk waste and general waste incinerator

We strive for a sustainable development therefore we’re adopting a sustainable medical waste management system, including building a contemporary sustainable incineration that won’t just cater for our center but also for the other facilities at the bigger region of the area. We are aware that we want a  modern incineration that will not burden the local people or the local surroundings even more. There are several different types of incinerations available (particularly recommended to be constructed with local materials), which are economical to build but are more harmful to individuals and environment.slaughterhouse from Afghanistan in ministry of agriculture. Each plant has capacity of 100 cows and 500 hens per day.burn lifeless chicken of fat 50 kg.4. Waste  type:   healthcare risk waste and general waste
16. Explanation of grate/hearth:A full hearth to be provided to prevent contaminated
Width                    ±1890mm
7. Variable speed combustion air blowers
13. Dimensions
Chimney: 3.5mm light steel
Diameter of chimney in top:430mm
6. Burners:
19. Documents to be provided:Operations and maintenance manual and regular
Bracing: hefty angle and station
Low speed grit settling chamber
Hearth: 1550 ⁰C
Height                   ±2125mm
30m of this incineration, chimney should extend at least 3m
Extra width for leftovers ± 1000mm
Weight of pile:  ±500 Kg
heated refractory screen
22. Bake out: should be performed over 2-3 days
18. Compliance with Southern African Atmospheric Pollution Prevention Act No.45 of
Stainless steel arrester display

21. Refractory material:alumina content> 49% and depth average 102mm
5. Chimney stack:
1965 or equal air pollution standards
15. Hearth area  ±1.19square metres
9. Mixing chamber volume  ±0.30 cubic metres


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