hog incinerator

  • It must be an Electrical boiler
  • Splash proof electric enclosure and switches
  • Door Isolator to main electric enclosure
  • Alarm lights and Safety/protection against excel pressure
  • Level control on feedback water tank

(B) Features and Specifications  of the Steam Boiler: Features of the Boiler:


  • Output: between: 90-110 kg/h (F&A 100 deg C)
  • Working pressure : between 7-10 bar
  • Boiler water content : between 80-100 litre
  • Feed water take content : between 60-80 litre
  • Power consumption : between 60-75Kw
  • Number of Heating Elements: 3-4 nos.
  • Electrical requirements: 400Vac, 50 Hz, 3 ph

Technical Specification of the Boiler:


  • Fully automatic and manual modes.
  • Metal construction, SA 240/304
  • Sensors to maximize both machine efficiency and operator safety.
  • Must use Re-circulating cold wash water to minimize water consumption and operating costs
  • Disinfects all bin surfaces
  • Uses Powerful blow dryer to remove excess surface water
  • Must be compliant with all North American and EU regulations

(C) Technical Characteristics of Tab washer Features:


  • Tub washer able to wash bins of a suitable size, the norm being 38 g
  • Must have an water reservoir of capacity minimum: 225 litre
  • Perfectly suited for hospitals and clinics by processing up to min. 300 bins per hour.
  • Time to wash and dry one bin after loading approximately 30 secs.
  • Bins loading on wash station at a time — approximately 12 nos.
  • Overall length : approx 30.0 feet
  • Overall height : approx 8.0 feet
  • Overall width: between 3.0-3.5 feet
  • Height to Conveyer from ground: approx 3 feet.



  • Motor driven
  • Moto: Horsepower: approx 4.0 HP
  • Power: 220 vac, 1ph or 400 VAC, 3 ph or the suit customer needs

Drive of the Tub washer:


  • 200 nos with different color (based on the requirement of the hospital)


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