hog incinerators

The purpose of the start-up burner is to ignite waste substances and to maintain the prescribed minimum

temperature at the principal chamber. It shall be mounted at the lower portion of the principal chamber.


  1. The start-up burner shall function automatically when:-


–      Pre-heating is finished, or after reaching the flexible minimum temperature at the thermal reactor.


–      The temperature at the principal room has fallen below the flexible minimum value (e.g. 300? C). This can

occur when a lot of damp waste material is to be combusted.


–     The start-up burner shall be of one-stage burner using pre-ventilation, focusing on the principle of a petroleum

atomizer for diesel oil, consisting of:-


–      Fan housing with flexible air intake.


–      Air closed damper with actuating drive


–      Burner tube with burner connection and insulating flanges


–      Burner plate using automatic oil firing sequence control, ignition transformer


–      Electric nozzle pole with rapid closure gate valve, electrode block, baffle plate.


  1. The mounting point of the waste ignition burner shall be fitted with a manually operated sliding closure plate

to protect the burner head once the fire isn’t in use. The slip plate shall be interlocked with the burner ignition

controls to offer operation of the burner once the slide plate isn’t in the fully open position.


The integral burner air fan shall be wired for constant running.


  1. Reactor Burner


The purpose of the reactor burner is to ignite low temperature carbonization gases and to maintain the prescribed

minimum temperature at the thermal reactor at all times but mainly during periods once the energy content of the

carbonization gases is low (pre-heat, article combustion phase). It shall be mounted at the entry area of the thermal

reactor. C) (full


The reactor burner shall modulate between partial load and full load and automatically function when:


–      The temperature in the thermal reactor drops below the adjustable minimum operating value (e.g. 1000?C) (full



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