incineration combustion chamber

Supervision of installation of this new incineration set shall be offered by the successful Bidder while labour

and heavy duty equipment shall be provided by CEB. The successful Bidder shall submit to CEB, prior to shipment of the incineration setup, its procedures for its

installment of this incineration and exhaust chimney. This should contain all mechanical, electrical and civil drawings

and detailed methodology for successful setup of the incineration set. It shall also include preliminary tests

which have to be carried on the incineration unit. .


?     The successful Bidder shall offer all essential test equipment ( evaluation kit for emission measurements) for

carrying out of tests during testing & commissioning of  this incineration set. . The successful Bidder shall be

accountable for its satisfactory completion of all tests and therapeutic action in case of any anomaly. Corrective action

by the successful bidder shall be prompt and to the satisfaction of the CEB Engineer.


?     Scheduled date for commencement of oversight of installation, testing & commissioning works shall be

agreed between the successful Bidder and CEB

1 Burning Capacity 200 kg/hr


two Chamber Double


3 Gas Supply type Gas


4 Optional fuel supply Diesel ( Rate to be quoted individually )


5 Infection? Range:


Min: 900


Max: 1500


Should Have


? Temperature Monitoring/ Thermostat Control/


Constant Run Fan

Hospital waste incineration

Capacity: 50 Kg / Hour

Brand new complete working

Burners: Diesel (Preferably dual gasoline / gas )

Primary and secondary chamber

Environment friendly

Manual loading and unloading



–          150 KG/HR


–          Compliant with EU rules, Directive 2000/76/EC


–          Fuel type: Diesel


–          Easy management and maintenance


–          Temperatures:


850 deg C to municipal waste


1000 deg C to medical waste


1100 deg C for dangerous waste containing halogenated organic materials together with material of chlorine or its compounds.

1000 deg C for medical waste


1100 deg C for dangerous waste containing halogenated organic substances with content of chlorine or its compounds.


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