Incineration of Waste for Garbage

Basic Info.

Pullution Sources:Solid Waste Processing
Processing Methods:Combustion
Export Markets:Global

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Product Description

How you are able to discover reasonable incineration for your regional site?  Incinerator is not a cheap equipment, normally the small scale model's cost around $5, 000usd per unit and large scale model's cost more than $50, 000usd each unit. So, before purchase one unit incineration, you have to make clear after things:  A, burn out what? Incinerator is a incineration equipment, function is flame squander. So what sort of waste that you would like to treatment?  B, small or large? This according to the waste output every day or the waste volume per feed period, like animal dimensions.  C, fuel? Incinerator use oil or gas , generally, gas fuel is cheaper than petroleum and the smoke cleaner than petroleum gas version. However, some local site don't have gas supply system.  This equipment quality structural for types of site, such as hospital, incinerations w2e, incinerations-manufacturers residence, incinerationschina, incineretor chaina, incineretor smoke filter, and incinirator of health care hospital, environmental department, animal cremation agencies, etc.. CLOVER Incinerator supply updated models with double combustion chamber, mix combustion chamber and smoke filter chamber with refractory lines, along with the combustion chamber temperature up to 1200 deg C.

Items Specification
YDC Model YD-10C / YD-20C / YD-30C / YD-50C
Main Product List Primary Combustion Chamber
Secondary Combustion Chamber
Mix Combustion Chamber
Smoke Filter Chamber
Incinerator Common Control Case
Stainless Steel Chimney
Italy oil/gas burner: 02 units
Oil Tank (if oil fuel)