incinerator 500kg per

Composition of the refractory lining:

* Insulation:

– Operating temperature:                1000 ° C max

– Nature:                                   Calcium Silicate

– Thickness:                              80 millimeter

* Refractory:

– Operating temperature:                1650 ° C max

– Character:                                   Refractory bricks together with 42 alumina

– Thickness:                              110mm


Burner combustion:


– The combustion chamber has a burner to lineup to ensure correct temperature for the entire devastation of

waste combustion;

– Automatic monobloc burner and flame plunge equipped with an electronic ignition system and permanent ventilation.

Air fan:

– A primary air and secondary air fan provides the necessary oxygen shipping

– there’s a motor operated valve which controls the circulation in line with the combustion.

– The pressure of this fan is 500 millimeter CE to pierce the mass of waste during combustion.

The Medical Waste Disposal Incinerator units shall be of Double or Multiple Chamber kind that thermally degrades

combustible clinical wastes of varying heating material using a two-stage or multiple stages combustion processes. That is

first stage of thermal waste degradation at the primary chamber and second stage of smoke burning (flue gas treatment)

in the secondary chamber. The waste burning procedure per cycle shall be fully automatic from begin to finish. The squander

incineration unit shall consist of a key chamber, secondary chamber, pile, combustion air blower, burners and

controls as the main components.