incinerator capacity calculation

Exam shall be conducted by factory authorized agent of incineration manufacturer.


  1. Demonstrate required weight reduction of specified waste. Waste shall be fed in a single batch to the unit.

After termination of producer ’s predicted burning period, inspect and weigh the residue.


  1. Emissions testing may be deleted if not required by state or local authorities. List all additional tests

demanded by local and state emission government.


  1. Emissions:


  1. Test shall be conducted by independent testing organization provided by Contractor which has a minimum of three

years expertise in emissions testing and that has been approved by the pollution control authority that has



  1. Conduct tests during the reduction of waste test specified above.


  1. Test methods must comply with EPA Reference Method 5, 40 CFR 60, Appendix B, “Determination of Particulate

Emissions from Stationary Sources”.


  1. Demonstrate that incineration complies with specified emission limits.


  1. Sound Levels: Demonstrate conformance to sound level limitation.


  1. Report: Furnish complete written report (three copies), which includes test data, calculations, results

in comparison with demands, list of employees, and other relevant information. Furnish report within three weeks of

test date.


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