Burner 20 Kg

For Your Supply, setup & & appointing of a Clinical Waste Burner as comprehensive listed below:.
Lodging for the attending service technicians.

Upkeep control proposal.
▪ Manual Loading door (heavy duty steel door with ideal.
Material (very responsibility 100mm thick firebrick with 25mm thick.
Paperwork in order to help with the lawful needs for your
Operators after installation & & commissioning of the devices.
Supply an all-purpose replacement solution components (e.g. oil filters, air.
2.8 Insulation.
▪ Maximum operating duration 12 hrs.
· Optimum evaluation: a minimum of 450kW/hour.
importation. The Prospective buyer shall offer each of the essential
consisting of:
fashion. It should use a temperature based justification control system
▪ Calcium silicate.
▪ Prior to the expiration of this service warranty/ signing off, the provider shall.
I. Waste kind healthcare waste.
▪ The Prospective buyer shall provide and install the incineration with the.
Furthermore needed additional systems and additional
The entire construction and building period. The delivery.
Installation and additionally putting into use the gear.
▪ The Bidder will be accountable to supply and install all.
▪ For the technical examination, not simply the treatment plant
Is offered throughout the one year service warranty period. In.
2.6 Chamber.
To provide optimal control of the operating problems and also
Delivery to site in addition to completion of verification operations
▪ Link heaters into fuel supply.
A mechanical.
Extra components and consumables recommended by the Supplier.
A cover;
Calcium silicate insulation).
Fully packed oil type, total with electrical ignition and additionally flame failure controls, wired with constant running enthusiast and also total with shutoffs, fan and also electrical motor.
5 Ability to support tools.
▪ Horizontal powerful hearth, refractory lined key combustion.
The waste will be minimized by 90 ~ 95% to depart 10 -5% ash.
Maintenance, service as well as fixing centre, which is licensed by.
Rolled steel places. It’s brought in the floor degree on a.
▪ All message, specification etc. on all control operating user interfaces as
Less than two secs @ >> 1100 ° C. ▪ 1 off diesel-fired afterburner– temperature level handled.
And also final acceptance. The provisional and last acceptance shall
The consumables suggested from the Producer; also.
The linking pipe needs to be a black pipe of approved gauge.
29th September 2006 and especially third timetable law
Fulfillment of the need by using their offer, prospective buyers need to.
6 Appointing as well as Training.
7 Commissioning Maintenance Contract.
Setup works.
▪ Limiting continuous solution restriction 1000 ° C.
▪ Thermal conductivity 1.3 W/mk.
▪ Complete sized majority load/ash removal door.
Recipient, along with the Prospective buyer’s rep, shall
Maintenance, solution in addition to repair centre,.
Waste Tracking Guideline 2006, lawful note No. 121 of
▪ Control panel– automatic operation.
A burning chamber with fireplace with a filter to keep ashes;
4 Certification.
100kg/hour in a tiny calorific value of 4,000 kcal/kg and a normal bulk thickness of I20kg/ M3 for basic waste in addition to l60kg/ M3 for healthcare waste.
▪ The ability of this incineration called for should be into the
Filters), the Quarterly regular maintenance price per quarter.
Well as on information displays in addition to on print-outs will remain in
Temperature amount is not less than 850 ° C
▪ The Prospective buyer is in charge of authorizations and approvals for
Tools supplied to the hospitals in the.
Burning temperature: 1800 ° C.
Maximum rating: 450kW/hour.
Execute the controls, screening and first authorization for provisional
Send a statement approved by the representative or producer.
▪ Customer support: The Bidder is called for to guarantee that a.
ͦ Supplying the name as well as speech of its own licensed.
▪ Refractory lined flanged chimney should be over the height of.
Burner, made from mild steel plate and stiffened with.
▪ The main combustion room is the major structure of this.
▪ The maintenance agreement price includes transportation, work and also.
Burning chamber for removal of particle pollutants.
2.3 Ash.
▪ BS3316.
Procedure for setting up in addition to running incinerations.
Reduced part of chamber walls.
▪ National Atmosphere Tracking Authority (NEMA).
Seconds to be certain the device ’s dependable destruction of this combustion
▪ The main burning chamber need to guarantee minimum departure.
· Ordinary consumption: 3 litres/hour.
▪ Super responsibility firebrick.
Consumables and also accredited and also experienced technical employees.
Medical centre and also the Getting Authority. The treatment plant has to.
2.5 Running Interval.
The Bidder will provide a time .
The chimney/stack must have a.
ii. Waste thickness 125 into 350Kg/M3.
iv. Moisture web content 10-25%.
▪ Setting Management and also Sychronisation Act, 1999.
Particle collector should be incorporated after instant.
chamber. Approximate measurements 800 millimeter diameters x 2100mm.
Paint following setup.
Burner electrically operated
2.10 Ignition Burners.
▪ Ought to be made from refractory lined mild steel or large.
▪ To provide diesel solutions tank (Power 400 litres).
vi. Small ability 100Kg/hour put tons.
( 26, 47) relating classification, standards, standards, as well as
▪ The machine supplied will be developed to run usually under
Service provider for the brand new waste handling structure/ real estate and will.
Procedure manual two sets.
▪ It’s likely that the Prospective buyer cooperates very closely with all the.
Trainers and also placing burner.
▪ The Representative will assess all set operating specifications

▪ The agent shall perform two days functioning & & maintenance
▪ Restricting constant solution restriction 1500 ° C. ▪ Thickness 100mm.
Keep in mind: The secondary burning space must be certain that the gas temperature as determined versus the inside wall surface in the second chamber & & not in the fire area, is less than 1100 ° C. 2.2 Throughput.
▪ The container should be connected to the incineration at higher degree.
Repair work centre is able to rapidly provide authentic spare components also as.
Of the Bidder to present a full system, including all ultimately
2.7 Warm face cloth.
Burner: scheduled on/off operation.
Comprising degree index.
Specs using an aptitude melt 100kgs/Hr.
Of this producer:.
A wind turbine allowing air.
The entire system will certainly be taken into consideration. It will be the responsibility
Service/maintenance guidebook two collections.
Typical intake: at least 4.5 litres/hour.
The Producer, and that has the power to quickly offer genuine.
To bum medical waste in a clean in addition to environmentally effective
2.11 Afterburner.
Responsibility brickwork or higher endurance castable.
Substantial steel help frame. Internally the covering is lined with.
Calcium silicate insulation and also a hot face combination of very.

▪ 1 off burning air distribution follower and additionally circulation system, automatic.
▪ Supply climbing gears like forklift, gantry, rollers, and lifting.
1200 ° C. Both chambers need to be protected with refractory.
. One Manual Tons Burner consisting of:.
▪ Give lifting gear to hoist, vertical and place smokeshaft, also as.
It must be made to keep the exhaust gases, for a minimum of 2
▪ Must be refractory lined into another standard; Hearth also as.
To make it possible for free-flow of diesel from the storage tank into the incineration.
Include a high capacity thermal oxidizing additional chamber.
▪ Agents of this Getting Authority and additionally the
Make accessible all needed technological information, drawing, and so on to.
2 Tools.
2.1 Essential Combustion Chamber.
The conditions of the buyer’s nation. The conditions include
▪ The agent/supplier shall have enough facilities, spare parts,.
▪ Anticipated daily operating period 8 hours.
ͦ Verifying that this accredited care, service as well as.
3 Records:.
Contains all devices. ▪ The incineration should be a modern-day waste disposal system, created
▪ Temperature level index main as well as secondary chambers 0.
The plant transferred by sea shall be delivered as “deck.
Take place in the last destination.


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