Incinerator installation demo

The switchboard shall Function in a room Using the next prevailing conditions:


–      Maximum ambient temperature of 40 0C

–      Maximum relative humidity of 95 Percent

–      Saline atmosphere

–      Altitude: in sea level

–      Climate type: Wet and humid coastal conditions with cyclone Connected to a Little

tropical island in the Indian Ocean



Nominal Voltage 400 Vacs



Rated Insulation Voltage         1000 Vac


Ranked frequency

50 Hz


Frequent Auxiliary Busbar:


–      Material


–      Degree of Security



IP 41



Ambient temperature Max.





Relative humidity      Max. 95 percent





Surface Treatment      Manufacturer’s standard paint protection to prevailing

environment conditions





Access   Front and back



Cable entry   Bottom



Standard      IEC



Auxiliary Voltages:


–      Spring charging motor      110 V DC



–      Control Valve 110 V DC




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