Incinerators for sale from china

Incinerators used will be limited to daylight hours of operation. This includes shutdown, cleaning and upkeep.


Waste flows shall not be combined during the incineration process and the ash collection chamber will be cleaned once a

different waste stream is to be incinerated. The business will offer the builder with a listing of items which can be



All ash will be collected and saved in individual storage containers for every specific waste stream. The bins must be

offered by the builder to the exact same layout as the storage containers to the raw waste flows and feature a lid layout

that prevents contamination .


Ash from each waste stream will be sent for lab analysis after every initial incineration from the business and at

intervals decided by the business thereafter. Contractor will be asked to collect ash samples for analysis since

directed by the Company. The Contractor will be liable for the security of samples taken to prevent contamination

until collection by the business or designated courier. It is the obligation of the Contractor to ensure the ash

is not compromised until final disposal. Business will offer additional storage area for ashes if and as required.


Delivery Schedule


The shipping schedule for the unit with capacity 100 kg/h asked is no more than 10 months and 14 weeks to your

unit with capacity 150 kg/h.  These timelines include unit mobilization. Location ,Erbil ,IRAQ.





  1. Multiple chamber type, horizontal stationary cylindrical body;


  1. Capacity of 15 kilograms per hour;

ignition, fuel regulator, enrollment and security detector apparatus for the absence of fire triggering solenoid valve

  1. Diesel-Powered;

mounted on the easel source;

  1. Burners should  be  monoblock  type  with  built-in  fan,  motor,  electronic  programmer, automatic




  1. The system should have ventilation for sweeping previous gases before activating the fuel supply to the



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