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The incineration will then take supply from the DO tank through its DO feed pumps into its own respective burners. An

integrating meter shall be set up to assess the volume of DO absorbed from the incineration. Suitable pre metering

strainers shall be supplied together with a lockable by-pass across both strainer and meter. The meter will have a

digital read out in litres and will capture quantities from 1 to 99999 with an accuracy of ±1%.



Control of the DO feed pumps and associated control valves shall be completely automatic. The PLC system will control the

DO burners automatically so as to achieve minimum Diesel oil intake during startup and service.


2.6  Website Conditions:







Port Louis, Mauritius

Ambient Temperature:      18-35 °C

Relative Humidity:    74 – 95%

Additional:    Corrosive environment due to closeness using the





The successful Bidder will execute a’factory approval’ testing of this incineration set within its assumptions /

laboratory to verify that the guaranteed figures The Bidder’s test procedure, test centers and test results will be

confirmed and certified by an global accreditation body approved by CEB.incineration is for use in the hospital

for burning toxic waste and chimicals, minimum Capacity 300 per hour. I will be reselling for my customer? . Below is

the advice I had been given and nothing else. The hospital incineration for use in the clinical waste as needed by

global environmental management. Minimum temperatures of 1100 level Celsius kindly quote me best price for resale.

prot. Minimum temperature of 1100 degree Celsius kindly quote me best price for resale.


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