incinerators plants

Regenerative organic agriculture could alleviate–or even reverse–the effects of climate change.

In the process of developing a project, we came across an issue, which is the estimate cost of incinerators plants (capable to destroy chlorinated in an environmental friendly way – please provide cost estimate/price range of incinerator plant).

  1. What kind of waste is to be burned?
  2. In which country the incinerators have to be installed?
  3. What about the amount of waste to be burnt per hour/day/week or per cycle?
  1. Ozone depleting Substances (chlorinated gas, CFC-11/12, HCFC-22 and similar mixtures), POPs (Polychlorierte Biphenyle mainly). Temperature of over 1200C is required.
  2. 150 MT of POPs (PCB) 210 MT of ODS for 3 countries in 2 years.  Therefore it would be good to know  the connection between price and capacity. (starting from 1 t/day for X USD till 10.000 t/day for XXXXUSD)


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