Infectious Waste Incinerator

Product Description

Principle of the Incinerator equipment is incineration/combustion/burn.

The principal body is 1 combustion chamber (at least), Refractory line or firebrick, Insulation materials and the outer plate. Ignition element is outside gas or oil burner. The burner can be running until squander burnout but to get some waste such as vinyl, paper (sometime, mix coal with waste before feeding), they can combustion itself after Ignition. During combustion, burner has little medical incenerator, little medical office waste incinerations, little medical waste incineration, little medical waste incineration manufacturers, little medical waste incinerations in china, a buff itself to get Oxygen supply and protect burner avoid heat damage from combustion chamber. And, there a outside fan blow air into combustion chamber. The Exhaust gas blow out after combustion. 

Contemplating Environmental Protection demands and rules, virtually all incineration have secondary combustion chamber (after-burn, post-combustion), even if third combustion chamber. The secondary burner burn the Exhaust gas from main combustion chamber, this technology make sure sufficient combustion, few black smoke and smell. 

The upgraded incineration technology focus on Exhaust gas treatment to remove Hazardous substance and other function from incineration, such as heat recovery (waste to energy), save fuel cost, PLC Automation operation. 

Item Customer Request Example
Application Scope  
Hospital, Pet Crematory, Slaughter House, Laboratories, School, Community, etc. if for animal/pet, indicate animal size like: cat, dog, cattle, etc
What kind of waste?  
____, _____%
____, _____%
____, _____%
Medical waste, dead animal, Municipal Waste, etc(detail name) or nature percent
if for animal/pet, indicate animal size like: cat, dog, cattle, etc
Quantity Request    
$US Dollar.
Operating Time    
The staff work Hours per day.
Our incineration can work up to around 18 hours per day.
Realization Date of project In ___ year  
Waste Output Capacity per Day?  
1000kgs Per Day^
Request waste burn rate   Capacity: 100kgs Per hour^
Request waste feed capacity   Capacity: 100kgs per feed^
Whether Natural Gas Supply Local?   Yes or No.
Local Power   If 380V and 220V valid?
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In certain Developed nations, some new waste treatment procedure such as High-temperature cooking, squander carbonization, devastating sterilization technology is rather than incineration technology.