medical incinerators

? Refractory concrete:.
* Plate of combustion in Carborundum, avoiding the dealing with of glass and slags. A room of post combustion of gases.
? Nature: 65% of Al203.
* Carcass in solid sheet steel with assistance of connection.
? . Nature: 42 percent of Al203.
? Shield in fibrous panels:.
? Thickness: ≥ 85 mm.
* A furnace of combustion of gases.
? Nature: Magnesium

* clinical burners, The insulation of the burning chamber need to be made up of refractory bricks, using a.
? . Density: ≥ 75 mm.
? Refractory concrete:.
High content of aluminum and also protects bricks in order to ensure a minimal temperature on.
The outside sheet metal.
? .
* A sheath of draining of the gases burnt.

18. A chamber of post combustion of gases.
* A heater of combustion of gases,.
* A gadget of injection of air permitting a total recombustion of gases,.
* A device of air inlet of air conditioning of waste gases,.
* A sheath of emptying of the gases burnt.
* Carcass in solid sheet steel with support of link.
* Composition of the refractory;.
? Refractory concrete:.
? Thickness : ≥ 150 mm.
? Nature: 65% of Al203.
? Protect in fibrous panel:.
? Thickness: ≥ 85 mm.
? Nature: Calcium


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