Medical waste gas incinerator

medical waste gas incineration Burning Rate:47.5–50kg/hour
Density Insulation:20mm Top
Electrical characteristics
1) A 120V, 60Hz mono-phase electrical source with line connection plug NEMA 5-15 type.
5) Fully isolated quartz/ceramic tube, to grant security for the user (no open flame).
4) Fast complete sterilization in about 5-7 s.
Heavy duty refracting lining to defy:1500 oC
Refractory Casting:Minimum 65mm
Maximum Operating Temperature:1450 oC(Afterburner room )
Residue ash article 100kg:Max 3.8kg
Fuel Movements in L/hr:7.5 to 9
7) Mounted to a stable base, according to illustration below.

Operational characteristics
Apparatus for preventing infectious spatter and/or cross-contamination by safely sterilizing needles, rings, etc. by infrared heat.
Average burn out time:maximum:3 hrs
2) Protections against over-voltage and over-current lineup conditions.
Residence time in secondary room:2sec
Secondary Burning Ability:Compulsory
Minimum Operating Temperature:850o C(primary combustion)


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