Medical waste incinerator available

Waste Kind: Healthcare waste

Throughput: 50kg/hr at a nominal calorific value of 4,000kca/kg along with a mean bulk density of 120kg/m3 for overall waste and 160kg/m3 for health care waste.
Electrical supply: single phase: 220/240VAC; 50/60Hz

Service/maintenance manual: two sets
Thickness: 100mm
Horizontal good hearth, refractory lined main combustion chamber.  Approx.
Accreditation: NEMA (or other known ) certification
Waste density: 125 to 350Kg/M3
The chimney/stack should have a minimum height of 10m above ground level
Ash: The waste will be reduced by 90~95% to leave 10-5% ash
1 off-road air supply fan and distribution system, automatic controller
Hearth and reduced part of room walls
Average consumption: 4.5Ltrs/hr
Operating period: anticipated daily functioning period 8 hours
Maximum operating period: 12 hours
Limiting continuous service limit 1000? C
Thermal conductivity: 1.3W/mk
Maximum consumption: 9Ltrs/hr
Temperature signal primary and secondary chambers 0-1200? C
Manual loading door
Chamber: should be refractory lined to the next standard;
The main combustion chamber is the main structure of this incineration, made of mild steel plate and stiffened with stainless steel sections.

It is carried in the floor level on a considerable steel support frame.  Internally the casing is lined with calcium silicate insulation and a sexy face mixture of superb duty brickwork or higher strength castable.

The primary combustion chamber should ensure minimum exit temp is not significantly less than 850? C.
Average consumption: 3Ltrs/hr
Full sized majority load/ash removal door
Sexy face stuff:
Training: the Agent shall conduct a two days incinerations training after installation and commissioning of the equipment.