Medical Waste Incinerator of 20 kg/hr Capability with Double burner

Material Required
Combustion : 900°C
*2ltrs of coal tar
Dimension de la porte de chargement : environ 50X50 cm

3 Medical Waste Incinerator of 20 kg/hr capability with double burner.Medical Waste Incineration Systems. I’m curious to ruin about 200 kg remains. A Medical Incinerator project for Tehran municipality. Our goal for this project is to set up a plant to be able to incinerate Medical waste with 50 ton/day capacity. A incineration with 100 kg / hour burning capability. And it should work on diesel fuel, 2 chamber. Waste management
Principe de combustion pyrolytique avec brûlage des fumées dans une chambre de post-combustion
*External diameter at top 4 1/2ft 1.35m
*Quantity of large stones for foundation
Combustion : au moins 80 KW
Température :
Post combustion : 80 KW
En poids : au moins 30 kg
*Wall 1ft high is built with puddle swish
*Puddle swish


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