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Auto. Control Waste Incinerator & Auto. Roll Air Filter(Air Purification)

Load Ability minimum:  1500 kg Ability per day around 8-10 kg wastage/day. ·         Which product do you offer, only incineration or also compactor, shredder machine, some other equipment related to waste treatment? ·         For the incineration, can you propose (and of therefore please send us specs and cost ) incineration for 25 kg/hr, 50 Kg […]
Dimension of the filling up entry: max 650×× 850 mm Air blower: max 0,5 kW Combustion-support burning devices: – Power Maximum 0,2 kW INCINERATOR (WASTE BURNER). Width (mm): 1280 or greater. Filling SystemManual/semi-automatic. Max, Operating Temperature: 1350 degree centigrade. The System has to be priced quote complete together:-. Size (mm): 1880 or far better. Filter: […]
*Double combustion chambers *Smoke filter chamber and S.Steel chimney *Italy Riello Oil burner and PLC Auto. control *Heavy duty mobile trailer with safe parts  *Minimal installation *Mobile by truck tractor  1. Should be Trailer mounted Trailer Type 2. Be able to burn Medical waste 100-200kgs per hour 3. Diesel diesel oil type 4. 220 V single phase […]
Main burning Thing 6. General. Warranty, show no of decades Product 3 Product 7. Weight (kg), please suggest:. Minimum running temperature 920 ° C, please suggest. Temperature Warnings. Minimum operating temperature amount 920 ° C, please indicate 10m Hose pipe Pipe, signify size. Diesel/LPG/LNG burning key combustion chamber/primary gas zone Chimney 1 year Spare Parts […]
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