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Auto. Control Waste Incinerator & Auto. Roll Air Filter(Air Purification)

Incinerator model A. Maximum combustion. Item 14 10m Hose pipe Pipe, suggest span. Power Supply for Control Box 220V-240V, only stage 50-60Hz. Secondary Chamber. Thing 9 Incinerator design C. Thing 6 10m Hose pipe Pipe, signify dimensions. A visible or distinct alarm system to notify the motorist once the secondary temperature falls to listed below […]
Burners temperature level regulated (TIC– Thermocouple) and deal with ON–. MELTING AT ABOUT 150/165 -200 IN 60MINS 7. Total room need: 9 m (L) X 8 m (W) X 6 m (H) Each unit / or alarms for efficient and risk-free procedure of the system. According to our needs we would like the YD 15C […]
We pursue a sustainable expansion consequently we are embracing a lasting medical waste tracking system, which includes building a contemporary lasting incineration which won’t only cater for our center yet also because of its various different facilities in the larger location of the region. We realize we need a modern burner which will absolutely not […]
The publications listed below form a part of the spec to the amount referenced. The publications are explained within the text from the standard classification only. The burner will surely be of the controlled atmosphere kind, developed for (6-8) hour-day processes and also rated at 75 mph. The burner plant will include the following: AMERICAN […]
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