HICLOVER Solution for Fighting COVID-19, with ISO9001/CE Certification.
Auto. Control Waste Incinerator & Auto. Roll Air Filter(Air Purification)

Used and/or Infected oil: Taken benefit of electric motor oils or mineral oils unfit for their originally intended use. Mainly electric motor Including toxic material and/or heavy metal and/or emitting low radiation. Used battery cells: Dry battery, UPS battery or alternative kinds, unsorted waste batteries/ battery cells, using Incineration to see to it that the […]
2. In regards to the amount of dropping the waste, possibly 200 – – – – 500 kg per individual resources. 3. Our Operational time could be in Day along with can be through the evening. 4. Can you please provide me the cost of apparatus operated with Diesel as well as Gas.The primary burning […]
Pre-programmed PLC controlled Password activated and reversal history indication Motor starter with overload protection Automatic instantaneous stop on hard object in shredder bed Automatic heavy cutting load reversal and re-try , up to three times Control housing Nema type 12 Technical Characteristics of External SHREDDER Controls:   Chamber Dimensions(WxLxH): approx 33 c m x 38 […]
Media    Slightly acidic Temperature Monitoring    Required Ingredients to be burnt Cotton, Rubber, PVC Sheets, PE Gloves, Oil, Plastic Bottles, Paper etc.. Main room — Consists of a monolithic high grade refractory concrete using high grade insulation financing,. Utilising a refractory hearth or equal for constant ash removal. Secondary Chamber — Consists of high density, low […]
Our requirements are  for 125 kg/hr and 42 kg/hr, please send quotation with catalog for both choices 4 voltage must be 220V 5 inside temperature must be 1000c  and second should be 1200c 5 incineration 15 kg the specifications elevated temperature incineration​99% combustion efficiency Temperature up to 1200°C or Smoke and odor free Excellent heat […]
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