Pet animal cremation equipment

A room of post combustion of gases

* A reduction of combustion of gases,

* A device of injection of air allowing a entire recombustion of gases,

* A device of air ducts of cooling of waste gases,

* A sheath of evacuation of these gases burnt.

* Carcass in strong sheet steel with assistance of link.

* Composition of this refractory;

Refractory concrete:

Thickness: ≥150 mm

Nature: 65% of Al203

Insulate in fibrous panel:

Thickness: ≥85 mm

 Nature: Calcium

* Burner with gasoline, mono-bloc casting guiding type with horizontal flame, lighting and safety of electronic ignition,

permanent venting, acoustic sluice gate of regulation and isolating valve.

* A secondary shot of air to ensure perfect oxygen content.

19. A controller box ensuring the complete cycle of combustion.


20. Fan:

* Electro-ventilator distributing the secondary air, the regulation of the air flow being completed by valves and

following the constraint of the automated cycle.

21. Controls and regulations:

Control box watertight into dust, including:


* A change circuit breaker for each engine (ventilators and burners).

* A timer with flexible temporization for the regulation of each burner.

* A regulator using electronic viewing for the temperature of combustion.

* A regulator using electronic viewing for the fever of postcombustion.


batch de ashing.

  1. The de- ashing must be done in the bottom of the combustion chamber or the deashing should be Automatic or manual

22. The provider must supply batches of spare parts of original urgency and consumable of the incineration.

  1. Process Filtering system : Scruber to be mentionned as optional
  2. Emission Standards Compliance: BS 3316 or équivalent standard
  3. Capacity to treat Plastic: Not less than 40% by weight
  4. CE Manufacturing Compliance: BS EN 746-2-1997

23. The installed incineration must endure a one year guarantee.

24. The provider shall perforn an onsite installation of this incineration.

the mill; it’ll consist of curative and preventative maintenance, and the use of machine, etc

  1. The technical training of operators will have to be provided and given by a technician from

the factory; it will consist of curative and preventive maintenance, and the use of machine, etc


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