pet crematory

The temperature is over the minimum and under the maximum necessary temperature (e.g 1150? C) of the thermal

reactor (partial load).


When shifting off, only the solenoid valve to the fuel supply closes, the burner fan stays on to cool and protect the

burner mind.


The reactor burner shall be modulating burner using pre-ventilation working on the principle of a petroleum pressure atomizer

with return nozzle for diesel oil, comprising:


–      Fan casing with high-definition fan and cover


–      Electric motor


–      Oil pressure pump using built-in oil pressure controller


–      Burner nozzle pole with reunite nozzle plus baffle plate


–      Coupled control with servomotor, speed controller, regulating segment and air ducts


–          Electromagnetic shut-off dampers

–      Burner tubing with fire pot, burner connection and insulating material flange


–      Electrical top voltage ignition with ignition transformer and ignition electrodes


In the control panel:


–      Oil firing chain control automation relay.

capacity – 50 Kg


Burn speed – 20 Kg/h


maximum Temperature – 1000C


Operating Energy – Diesel


Ignition method –


Combustion chambers – 2


Insulation – refractory Lining


No of burners – 2


Loading Method – Front loading with safety latch


Chimney – Heavy duty stainless steel


Control – Burner control


Thermostat control


Timer control


Processor timer control


Instrumentation -4 Digit temperature screen


Ash removal – Independent ash removal door


Gas consumption per Kg –


Automatic & simple to control control pannel –


3 Millimeter steel casing & completely insulating material


Dense  refractory concrete liner rated to 1400 degree to C


safety chute for easy loading –


SS Flue as conventional –


Heat recovery alternative –


Easy onsite Installation –


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