Pet incinerator available

  • We are looking at a simple incineration which should be fired using domestic LPG bottles. Other sources of

ignition can be regarded as well but we need to keep it easy.




Section VI. Requirements 2-86



needed for preventative maintenance for five decades and where necessary include stock of recommended spare-parts for

corrective maintenance.

  1. n) Training
  2. i) The supplier is required to provide adequate training on each equipment on the proper use and operation of the

gear. ·         Compact lab design


  • Two combustion chambers


  • Ecologically friendly


  • Up to 50kg of waste / hour


  • To be used for animals


  1. ii) Similarly, suppliers are required to provide adequate manufacturer’s training on the installation and

upkeep (both preventative and corrective)

  1. o) Packaging and Storage Conditions of Equipment
  2. i) The equipment and components should withstand temperature and humidity extremes likely to be encountered during

storage and transport.

  1. ii) The manufacturer should recommend procedures for storage of the equipment.