Refractory Concrete Burner

2 medical waste incinerations version YD-50, 150 kg feed capacity, 220/380 V, 50 Hz c/w 5 mtr. chimney.{
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Disinfecting/sterilizing the polluted medical wastes, main combustion chamber, post combustion chamber, heat exchanger, ash removal components and flue gas treatment methods, with the following particulars:

Hourly capacity of the system:           from 250 up to 500 Kgs/ hour

Duration of operation:                        from 14 up to 18 hrsdaily

Fuel type for use:                         Diesel or alternative

Calorific value of the waste:               3500 up to the maximum limitation kcal/ Kg

Minimum working temperature of main chamber: 1000 degrees celcius

a smaller  power of 150 to 250  kg/feed capacity
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Will be good for comparison. Our main byproducts are the slaughtered unwanted carcass.

•             Using diesel as fuel

•             Capacity 50kg per hour

•             barrels substance: Refractory Concrete

•             Number of chambers: 2