small home incinerators

Equipment Access Openings: Arrange all equipment and piping to permit entry to openings without disassembly of

equipment or piping. Provide space that enables complete opening of all doors, panels, and other access openings.


  1. Operating Space: Do not reduce or alter personnel working spaces shown except with prior approval of Resident



  1. Fuel Oil System: Coordinate set pressure of house fuel oil system with requirements of burner mounted pumps. Do

not transcend blood pressure limits (typically 14 kPa or two psi or less), or suction lift capabilities of burner

mounted pumps.

1. Ability of destruction in weight: 60 Kg/h.

2. It needs to be in a position to operate not less than 10 hours/day

3. This incineration must have the ability to destruct all combustible wastes produced by hospitals, private practices,

labs, institutes, etc…

4. Design Specification: Types A, B, C, D, and E of medical waste


6. The incineration should avoid the release of black smoke and dust that is fine, during the loadings. It needs to have the ability to reduce the quantity of wastes by 98%.

8. It needs to be in a position to hold emission at the next burn with gasoline residence of not less than two seconds.

9. The incineration should be completely free of visible smoke as well as offensive odours.

10. The reduced volt electricity (L.C.P) of the waste is going to be 3,500 kcal/kg

The Temperatures of combustionMinimum will be 850oC and maximum 1400oC

Post combustion: 1100oC.

11. The Internal diameter of the Chimney: Ø 400 and its own height: 8 m

12. The Loudness of the combustion chamber: 1.200 L

13. The Dimension of the doorway for loading in cm: 70×70.

14. Burner operation should be Automatic On/Off

15. Fuel: diesel

16. The provider must provide  necessary information to your very best of  the installment

This incineration with”PYROLYTIC” combustion should have:

17. A combustion chamber of waste:

* Totally tight doorway for your manual loading of waste. The loading should be Manual, Batch Load

* A burner of lighting that the use is restricted to the ignition of waste.

* Frontage of loading with door seals gone on hinges, wheel of screw plug, elastic joint, and stuffing insulating

out of refractory.

* The insulation of the combustion chamber should be made up of refractory bricks, acquiring a

high content of aluminium and insulates bricks in order to assure a minimum temperature on

the outside sheet metal.

* all the refractory;


Refractory concrete:

. Thickness      : ≥100 mm

. Nature: 42 percent of Al203

Insulate in fibrous panels:

. Thickness: ≥75 mm

Nature: Magnesium silicate.

* Burner of lighting of waste, with gas, regular mono-bloc casting directing stirring flame, lighting and safety of

electronic ignition, permanent ventilation, electromagnetic sluice gate of regulation and also isolating valve.

* Plate of combustion in Carborundum, avoiding the fixing of glass and slags.

* Plate of combustion in Carborundum, avoiding the fixing of glass and slags.


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