Media    Slightly acidic
Temperature Monitoring    Required
Ingredients to be burnt Cotton, Rubber, PVC Sheets, PE Gloves, Oil, Plastic Bottles, Paper etc..

Main room — Consists of a monolithic high grade refractory concrete using high grade insulation financing,. Utilising a refractory hearth or equal for constant ash removal.

Secondary Chamber — Consists of high density, low thermal mass refractory ceramic fiber with an advanced low emissivity protective coating. Bio medical waste treatment plant ( Incineration )using panel.

SOLID WASTE INCINERATOR    Feeding Capacity:    200 to 220 Kg.{
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Off — Gas Home Time     2 Minutes.
Feeding & Ash Removing     System    Air Tight ventilating locked doors ( Feeding out of Top will be favored ){
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System Status & Alarms    Required for all vital parameters.
Dimensional Sketch, Operation & Setup Manuals.     Required
Life Span *    10 — 15 decades.
Off — Gas System    Required
Heat Insulation    Required for indoor setup
Refractory Material    Material *    Alumina ( 56 — 80% Pure )
Delivery    Karachi Sea Port – Pakistan

The details of Components of incineration is as follows:
Installation Prerequisites.     As low as possible. Almost Plug & Play type.
Heating Source    Natural Gas


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