Sudan Medical waste Treatment Program

•    A burn rate of 25 – 30kg/hr.
•    Layout Has to Be such to minimize danger to operators and also have a straightforward start sequence to minimize operator training and Techniques
Prepare  a  pipe  to  direct  the  smoke  to  factory  outside?
•    Consists of 2 chambers to ensure important reduction of emissions and be effective at temperatures in the scope of 800-1000˚c.
Without  odor?  No  pollution?
•    The incineration should likewise have the ability to conduct a generator.
•    Solid waste reductions in the assortment of 90 – 97% must be routinely achieved.a central thermal therapy channel in town of Khartoum (9 million inhabitants) we started with two components of autoclave that treat up to 18 tons each day so far, and looking forward to bring an incineration plant/s to function for pharmaceutical, medical, and hazardous waste.


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