Medical Waste Incinerator, 50 to 60


Item Quantity 5 No.
Support Health Sector Support Project
Point of Installation (Hospitals) Moi Voi, Makindu, Maragua, Eldama Ravine and Isiolo District Hospitals
1.     General Description

Supply, delivery, installation and commissioning of a medical waste incinerator suitable for disposal of Medical, General and Pathological waste in a safe and clean environment. The unit shall consist of two chambers and operate on the principal of controlled air and temperature. The unit shall consist a particulate remover (scrubbers) as stipulated in waste management regulations, 2006 (Legal notice NO. 121 of 29th September, 2006). The Unit shall be fully automatic and controlled by an automatic electronic controlled system except loading system which shall be manual.   The unit shall be capable of incinerating between 50 to 60 kg of solid medical waste per hour. It shall be constructed from mild or aluminized steel lined with refractory material.

2.   Composition

2.1     Main unit

2.2   Accessories

3.   Performance specifications  
3.1 Main unit    
3.1.1 Application For incineration, general and pathological
3.1.2 Capacity 50 – 60 kg/h burn rate


Type Two combustion chambers type; primary and Secondary, controlled/forced combustion air type with a flue gas emission scrubbing unit
3.1.4 Operating time Minimum 8 hours daily
3.1.5 Operating temperature From 850 0C to 1200 0C, Automatic controlled
3.1.6 Residual Ash 5 to 10%
   3.2       Primary Chamber


Construction Constructed from heavy duty mild or aluminized steel Or

equal and approved equivalent



Insulation material Refractory material lining similar or equal to calcium

Silicate and hot face combination of heavy duty brickwork



Internal Construction Fixed hearth type complete with gratings, concave bottom

and charging door, lined with refractory material



Charging Door Suitable for manual loading of wastes and with smooth

Dear seal equivalent of Ceramic seals with hinges.

3.2.5 Door Lock Automatic, Electric type


Ash removal door Provided, for removing resultant bottom ash leftovers                             from the Primary chamber
3.2.7 Gratings Provided
3.2.8 Loading Manual loading of waste


Primary Burner Fully automatic, with fuel, temperature and speed controls with ignition system, flame detector, Air fan complete with safety features, flame failure, Diesel fired fuel injector type and Flange mounted


Blower Provided. For supplying excess combustion air through the distribution system with speed control system
3.2.11 Temperature Minimum exit 850 0C
3.2.12 Observation port To be provided with protective glass type
3.3       Secondary chamber


Construction Constructed from heavy duty mild or aluminized steel or equal and approved equivalent


Insulation Refractory material lining


Combustion Temperatures Above 850 0C, controlled electronically


Gas residue or retention Time > 2 second at minimum 850 0C  


Secondary Burner Provided, Diesel fired, fully automatic, with fuel, temperature and speed controls, With ignition system,                                                                   Flame detector, Air fan, Complete with safety features, flame failure Diesel fired fuel injector type.                                                                   Flange mounted
3.3.6 Ejector Provided, Venturi type, for cooling the flue gases


Combustion Air Fan Provided for supplying combustion and creating a negative drift and turbulences
3.3.8 Temperature Maximum 1600 0C
   3.4       Chimney


Construction Constructed from heavy duty mild or aluminized steel   or equal and approved equivalent                                                                   Refractory material lining
3.4.2 Length 10 m above ground
3.4.3 Bore about 350mm diameter
3.4.5 Discharge temperatures About 850 0C
3.4.6 Emissions To comply with standards in section 9 of third schedule of the waste management regulations, 2006.
   3.5         Electrical System


Control unit Fully automatic with microprocessor based control                                                                       unit (PLC) automating all operations of the                                                                       incinerator. Capable of monitoring all incinerator parameters With large LCD or similar for display of all progress

Parameters i.e. temperature of primary and secondary chambers, turbulence and time

With status lamp

With user of defined and differed programmed operating cycles for different type of loads/conditions

With safety interlocks, display of errors and visible and audio alarms.

System for continuous emission monitoring



Isolator switch Supply and install isolator switch 240V, 100A for the                                                                     incinerator unit, including all necessary cables 10m


Distribution Board Supply and install distribution board. 100 A, complete with MCBs suitable for the rating of the incinerator unit and associated equipment. Wiring     to be done according IEE regulations.


Wiring Make provisions for wiring the isolator switch, Distribution Board control unit to Incinerator and all associated equipment inside to incinerator room.                                                                         Working length 20m. Wiring to be done using PVC Sheath cable on steel conduits and trucking and in accordance with IEE regulations
3.6     Fuel System Supply and install storage fuel tank inside the incinerator room at an elevated position (about 1.5 m above the floor)


Fuel Tank Tank capacity, 400 liters, constructed from preferable suitable metallic material or high temperature resistance material
Fuel type Diesel


Fuel Lines Supply and install fuel lines, complete with fuel filters, pump, sight glass, fuel level and all other safety devices and connect from fuel tank to incinerator.

Working length , 20m

Fuel pipe material; Special copper pipes or similar                                                                         and approved materials

4               Physical characteristics  
4.1 Main unit Floor mounted, stand alone, fixed hearth type
Dimensions About 1.2 x 2.2m (WxD)
5   Operating environment    
5.1 Power Requirements 240V,A/C 50Hz, single phase, with PE
Ambient temperature 10 0C to 40 0C
Relatively humidity 40% to 90%
6. Accessories  
Rack, 2 m long 1 piece
6.1 Waste cart, stainless steel 1 piece
7 Spare parts
7.1 Burner 1 set
7.2 Fuel Filters 6 sets


All other spare parts                     required for replacement during and after 12 months of operations. 2 pieces of each
8               Quality Standards  


Manufacturing standards NEMA Kenya Act, 1999

Legal Notice No.121 of 29th September 1999 on waste Management Regulations

EU waste incinerator Directive- EC 76/2000

BS 3316

WHO Emission Standards

World Bank Emission Standards

or any other internationally recognized standards

Conformity to standards CE marked or any other internationally recognized documents
9         Local back up service
9.1 Available Should be available locally
9.2 Capacity to service equipment Manufacturer/Agent shall have adequate facilities, spare parts, qualified and skilled technical staff to offer comprehensive maintenance   service and spare parts sales for the lifespan of the incinerator
10         Delivery point  
10.1 KEMSA For inspection and verification


Moi Voi, Makindu

Maragua, Eldama Ravine and Isiolo Hospitals

For installation, testing, NEMA Certification and commissioning
11 Pre installation works


Provide for foundation plinth, necessary plumbing works, Fuel piping works, Elevated Diesel oil storage tank, electrical works including cabling, trunking and switch gears required to install the incinerator and all its accessories to required IEE standards
12 Installation and testing Complete installation and set up of the incinerator at designated as per manufacturer’s instructions

Provide fuel and test run the incinerator for 3 hours daily for 7 days

13          Training  


User training On site user training on operation and daily up keep


Maintenance training On-site maintenance training on Preventive Maintenance, repair and trouble shooting
14 Technical Documentations  
14.1 User manuals 2 sets
14.2 Service manuals 2 sets
14.3 Drawings 2 sets
15         Commissioning  
15.1 Testing and Commissioning of the machine to the satisfaction of the user
16 Warranty
16.1 Equipment Minimum of one year after commissioning on all parts.
16.2 Equipment system Nil
17.   Maintenance contract
17.2 Comprehensive preventive & repair           service Provided a 12 months comprehensive preventive and repair service contract inclusive of spare parts and material from date of commissioning


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