As the slaughtered pigs are consumed by more than 90% (from hooves to.
4 Incinerator must have Double Chambers initially Chamber should provided 800C temperature level in addition to additional Chamber functioning 1200C temperature level.

two Burner should have Electric Plastic Shredder for cutting of glass container, surange of Medication.

3 Burner Have to possess Electrical Car Clave or Microwave for Dis Infection independently with burner.
6 Burner must function in two systems Electric and fuel explain in which sort of fuel jobs.
Slaughter-points with up to 100 slaughtered pigs each day.

Though using meat and bone meal is not banned in Vietnam the.
Small quantities of waste don’t appear to warrant the installation of a.
Note we want it works on petrol and also electric also.for a small pig slaughterhouse job in Vietnam we are searching for a.
Blazing 100/200 kg of animal items every day in addition to also the FOB.
Blood, etc) the waste volume is fairly tiny in.
The very best alternative.

I want to have even more technological details e.g. gas usage for.
5 Incinerator in outside place must have a Specification to show internal temperature level of incineration.
Cost of the unit.The types of waste to be treated are (following EUROPEAN WASTE BROCHURE AND CONTAMINATED MATERIALS CHECKLIST, 2002):

18 01 01 sharps (other than 18 01 03)

18 01 02 body parts and organs including blood bags and also blood maintains (other than 18 01 03)

18 01 03 * wastes whose collection and also disposal undergoes special needs so as to avoid infection

18 01 04 wastes whose collection in addition to disposal is not subject to unique requirements so as to safeguard against disease (such as dressings, cast, linen, disposable clothes, baby diapers)

18 01 06 * chemicals containing or comprising dangerous compounds

18 01 07 chemicals besides those stated in 18 01 06

18 01 08 * cytotoxic in addition to cytostatic medications

18 01 09 drugs aside from those discussed in 18 01 08

18 01 10 * amalgam waste from dental treatment

18 01 10 * amalgam waste from dental treatment


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